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The XPENG P7 is a Chinese fully electric car model which is made by Xpeng. The Xpeng started delivering  P7 in the Chinese market on 29 June 2020. The P7 was presented as a semi-concept car at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019, and the production version was launched in December 2019.The P7 car designer name is Rafik Ferrag.

In the Automobile market, every new car company tries to compete with the other car company and tries to give more features than its competitor brand with low price.

Same with the case of the Xpeng electric car company which is comparing its P7 car model with Tesla model 3. I know comparing every new electric car to the Tesla car model is getting pretty tedious.

But the Xpeng P7 has some considerable resemblance to the size, packaging, and features of the Tesla Model 3. The single highest-selling EV in the world. The P7 is a stylish, luxurious fully electric sedan that provides full comfort to its users.

In this article, we will fully review Xpeng P7 Electric Car’s

1. Design And Styling

2. Interior Design

3. Dimension

4. Battery Charging, Range

5. Performance

6. Price in the USA

7. Initiative Technology

8. Specifications

9. Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss the main points of the Xpeng P7 Electric Car

Let’s start with looks. The design and style of the Xpeng P7 are remarkably similar to the Tesla Model 3. At a length of 192 inches with a 118-inch wheelbase, the P7 is seven inches longer than the Model 3, with five inches of extra wheelbase. The Xpeng P7 has a black-glass roof, frameless windows. The Xpeng P7 also has to retract door handles, exterior-mounted surround vision cameras, and other touches also echo those of the Tesla Model 3.

The Xpeng P7 has a clean shape from the outside, with not a single hard-edged line stamped into its sheet metal. The P7 has 18-inch rims. The P7 doors look so beautiful with metal interior handles, which looked like they might’ve come off a piece of high-end Scandinavian furniture.

The small Dynaudio speaker’s outer corners of the dash are similar to those in six-figure European luxury cars. On the other hand, about a quarter of the handsome perforated speaker pattern on the doors is hidden behind the edge of the dash.


Xpeng P7 rear design
Credit: Xpeng P7

The silhouette of the Xpeng P7 is sleek, and the elongated wheelbase draws the eye into that smooth profile along the side of the car. Lightbars are the new must-have design feature of any car trying to look premium, and here they stretch across both the front and back, then lead into very narrow light clusters.

The Xpeng P7 is available in 5 colors, black, silver, grey, red, and white.

  • Interior Design Of Xpeng P7

The interior design of Xpeng P7 is clean and modern, with a Model 3. The Xpeng P7 has a central 15-inch touchscreen with the traditional “instrument panel” screen behind the steering wheel. Controls are largely on the steering wheel or via touchscreen.

Xpeng P7 Interior Design
Credit: Xpeng P7

The touchpad visuals draw from gaming, computer animation, graphic design, and the full equipment of Internet-connected resources to connect the mind of the driver seamlessly with the vehicle. The voice controls also lean on visuals, with a friendly animated robot icon guiding you through the control panel.

This electric car has high-tech bells and whistles with several items through which we can say that Xpeng P7 leans on convention. After you unlock the trunk, you can lift and close it manually. That’s a safety feature so you don’t accidentally hit your head. The same goes for the seatbelt, which you pull out and buckle the old-fashioned way.

The touchpad visuals draw from gaming, computer animation, graphic design, and the full equipment of Internet-connected resources to connect the mind of the driver seamlessly with the vehicle. The Xpeng P7 has an animated robotic control panel that guides the driver visually through the control panel.

Xpeng P7 Interior design
Credit: Xpeng P7

The first thing you will notice is that there is no ignition key or button in the Xpeng P7. You can start your car with a key fob, NFC, even with your phone, everything is ready for you. All you have to do is sit down on the driver seat, put your foot on the brake, and put the car in drive. which you accomplish by flipping a small lever placed by the steering wheel where the gearshift would be on a gas mobile.

  • Dimensions

If we talk about the Xpeng P7 size, P7 has a good size. This electric car has a 9.8-foot wheelbase and an overall length of 16 feet. So it’s not quite as big as a Tesla Model S or a Mercedes-Benz EQS, but is still a good car and comfortably seats five.

Xpeng P7 Dimensions
Credit: Xpeng P7

There is also a huge space for luggage as well, with a trunk of 15.5 cubic feet, which is fractionally smaller than the Nissan Leaf. With a curb weight of around 4,188 pounds, it’s not the heaviest of EVs out there in China.

This all depends on the battery. If you wanna add more luggage you need the bigger battery or Performance version for almost extra 220 pounds of luggage.

  • Battery, Range, and Charging 

This Electric car available in dual electric motors.

  • One is 196kW (267Ps) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor
  • Second is 316kW (430Ps) (4WD) Permanent Magnet Synchronous Reluctance Motor

The lithium-ion battery is used in P7. The battery size of Xpeng P7 has 81 kWh, which is a good size. The battery size of Xpeng P7 has 81 kWh, which is a good size. Xpeng p7 range comes in at 562 km or 350 miles. But even if the car can’t quite achieve that, you’re still going to get some impressive speed with an 81 kWh battery size.

Do Electric Vehicles Use Oil?

The Xpeng P7 charging time on AC charging mode is 30% to 80% in5 hours, while the charging time on DC charging mode is 30% to 80% in 30 minutes and the three-phase electric charging time is 30% to 80% in 5 hours. The top speed is 106 mph.

  • Performance

If you’ve never driven an electric car before and you are experiencing it for the first time, then the Xpeng P7 is a good electric car to start.

The Xpeng P7 has dual electric motors, One is 120kW on the front and the second is 196kW on the back. That’s a total of 316kW which drives the four wheels. You get peak torque of 490 pound-feet, which makes this car faster, with a top speed of at least 106 miles per hour.

  • Price In USA

Xpeng P7 Price in USA is $50,000


  • Initiative Technology

Xpeng is making a great push with initiative technology and installed some pretty impressive features in the P7. This car is packed with features such as forward, rear, and side crash prevention with radar and ultrasonic sensors.

You also have mobile app control with 4G connectivity like bZ4X Toyota First Electric Car, 128 GB of storage, in-car games, OTA updates, and whole car servicing. Connectivity in your vehicle is hugely important in any country’s market, and XPeng is truly complete the customer expectation.

Xpeng P7 Initiative Technology
Credit: Xpeng P7

One unexpected part of the P7 electric car is the deep integration not just of apps, but e-commerce, music, video, and gaming. The XPeng P7 is packed with full technology with good range, good performance, and some design language that captures the human eye.

  • Specifications

The Xpeng P7 Specifications are following;

Model Class Xpeng Motors
Production Year of P7 June 2020
Model Name Xpeng P7
Manufacturing in Zhaoqing, China
Designer Name Rafik Ferrag
Status Available
Body Style Four-door fastback sedan
Top Speed Of P7 106 mph
Battery 80.9kWh
Electric Motor 196kW,316kW
Dimension Length 4,880 mm,Width 1,896 mm
Weight 1865kg- 2060kg
Height 1,450mm
Wheelbase 2,998 mm
 USA $50,000
  • Pros & Cons 
Well Designed & Stylish
 Leading Smart EV Company in China
Innovative Software
Good in Charging & Range
Excellent in Performance
For AC Charging P7 takes 5 hours
little bit High price
  • Conclusion

If you have not driven any EV yet then Xpeng P7 is best  for you to drive because of its interior design, performance, and Initiative Technology,You can also visit Xpeng P7 Official Website

Xpeng P7 FAQs

In terms of battery life of the Xpeng P7 has a range of 562 to 706 km.
Yes,But in a limited number
I think Xpeng P7 is the best electric car in China with its Specifications, Design, Performance, and Battery life
Xpeng G9 will release almost in mid of 2022.
46,000 euros to 52,000 Euros
The former costs NOK 447,820, and the latter NOK 507,820, and in 2022 it will be different almost
The Xpeng p7 UK price almost will be around $35,000

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